Cryogenic Fluid Storage and Vaporization Systems

San Bernardino, CA

Our cryogenic fluid storage area consists of three 13,000 gallon liquid nitrogen tanks, one 13,000 gallon liquid oxygen tank and one 9,000 gallon liquid hydrogen storage tank. The tanks can be selectively filled to support independent testing activities or feed liquid to high pressure positive displacement pumps and vaporizers. The vaporizers are ASME-coded for use at a liquid hydrogen temperature of -423°F. All pressure piping conforms to ASME B31.3 code design and is installed by certified welders with post-weld X-ray inspection as required. This site has the capability to store LH2, LO2, LN2, liquid CO2 and liquid methane as well as pump and vaporize cryo fluids up to 12 lbs. per second.

Santa Clarita, CA

Santa Clarita has six liquid nitrogen (LN2) (8,000 gallon -11,000 gallon) tanks spread across our 150 acre campus, as well as several smaller portable storage tanks that can be moved to support testing at any of our test bays.  Each tank has an associated pump and vaporizer system to convert the liquid into gaseous nitrogen (GN2) and boost pumps capable of building pressure up to 10,000 psig. Our facility can bring LN2 to any test bay across our campus to support testing including using cold nitrogen to condition the ambient environment as well as the ability to flow LN2 through test articles to reach cryogenic temperatures while on a shaker table or shock test fixture.  Additionally, we have access to dewars and vessels capable of storing liquid helium (LHe), liquid oxygen (LOX), and liquid hydrogen (LH2).

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