Fuel Systems & Components

Fuel Icing and Contamination Test Stand

NTS’ Fuel Systems & Component Testing site at Santa Clarita is used for the development and qualification of fuel line parts and subsystems.  Any individual device or subsystem that is part of an engine or fuel system – such as fuel pumps, hydro-mechanical fuel controls and shutoff valves – requires qualification testing to the RTCA DO-160 environmental standards for airborne equipment or the Mil-STD 810G environmental standards for a broad range of military equipment.  The fuel testing site installed at NTS Santa Clarita is a state-of-the-art facility for simulating the most stringent environmental conditions.

Fuel Component Testing Facility Specifications

  • Fuel Capacity of 2,500 gallons in main reservoir and an additional 900 gallon hot fuel tank to allow for rapid fuel temperature transitions
  • Fuel super-cooling with three 30-ton refrigeration systems with capability to cool below -65°F
  • Fuel heating capability to 135°For higher
  • Fuel polishing capability to NAS Level 2 cleanliness standards (Standard is NAS Class 5)
  • Three separate fuel component test loops with flow capacity ranging from 350 to 800 gpm
  • The ability to combine loops for higher flow rates as well as temperature ramping of the fuel flow
  • Thermal conditioning systems to create and transition ambient conditions around the test article while flowing temperature conditioned fuel.  Including the ability to ramp fuel temperatures at a different rate than ambient temperatures
  • Modular to allow simultaneous set-ups at the same facility
  • Adequate room for future expansion and modification
  • State of the art DAC and control system

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