Hazardous Flow Testing

Hazardous Flow Testing

NTS performs pressure, flow, and combined testing programs on flexlines, piping, storage vessels and measurement and control systems utilizing the actual fluids that these systems will use in service.  NTS has the ability to test anything from heat exchangers, meters, sensors, valves and filters to high pressure storage tanks (such as those on launch vehicles and satellites) and rocket test stand fuel systems utilizing any of the following: liquid fuels, gasoline, JP1, hypergols, hydrogen, oxygen, steam, diesel, nitrogen, Skydrol, kerosene, cryogenics, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and other substances.

Typical combined types of testing include vibration, shock, or flexure stresses on enclosures containing pressurized, flowing hazardous fluids. NTS operates explosion proof test cells in selected locations throughout the U.S. and provides decades of experience in aerospace fluids testing. Consequently, we are particularly well qualified to perform such severe environmental and hazardous flow tests as hydrogen flow at up to 5,000 psi at temperatures of -300°F to +500°F. Higher limits and specialized test set-ups can also be arranged. NTS fabricates its own test set-ups and can reserve large buffer spaces in our labs to provide an extra measure of safety and security for highly explosive materials. Notable test programs that NTS has been involved with in the past include feed lines for the space shuttle, hydro-turbo pumps for the Delta IV, valves testing on Titan IV and many others.

NTS fluid testing facilities are equipped with computerized data acquisition, reduction and analysis equipment for monitoring the functional characteristics of specimens during testing. NTS also specializes in high flow testing of small devices – meters, indicators, totalizers, sensors, transmitters, check valves, lead detection of analytical instruments, checkout of pressure, temperature flow, pH/ORP and conductivity parameters.

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