Hydraulic Cleaning

Aerospace: Hydraulic Cleaning

Hydraulic aerospace components require special care to prevent the buildup of particles, oxidation and other debris that can affect critical performance factors. Regular hydraulic cleaning is a necessary part of ongoing maintenance and should also be done while performing repairs or installations.

NTS provides highly controlled hydraulic cleaning services for any aerospace components requiring it. We can also perform particle analysis that identifies the chemical makeup of residue on stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, beryllium and composite components, as well as fluid testing to identify various factors that can affect the performance of your hydraulic equipment.

Precision Cleaning & Test of Hydraulic Components

NTS performs cleaning and analysis of hydraulic components and assemblies in our Class 10,000 cleanroom. Our capabilities include cleaning using aqueous detergents, various compatible solvents or system hydraulic test fluids, proof pressure and leak testing of components or assemblies to 50,000 psi (345,000 kPa) using DI (Deionized) water or hydraulic fluid and 20,000 psi (138,000 kPa) using GN2. Cleaned and tested hardware can be preserved in hydraulic fluid and sealed or simply packaged in nitrogen purged envelopes. Some of the parts NTS has processed for hydraulic service include valves, regulators, accumulators, pistons, actuators, transducers, tubing and piping, control and distribution manifolds, servos and storage tanks.

On-Site Precision Cleaning & Testing of Hydraulic Systems

NTS provides expert service for your on-site hydraulic & lube oil systems and components. Whether it’s after new construction, during the modification of an existing system, or simply preventive maintenance, removing abrasive contamination from internal piping and rotating machinery will extend equipment life and prevent premature failures. Using state of the art high capacity pumps and submicron filtration, NTS can circulate inhibited detergents, citric or phosphoric acid, solvents and/or hydraulic fluid or lube oil through a complete system at the equipment operating temperature, pressure, and flow rate to remove unwanted contamination and abrasive particulate that will damage sensitive components, hydraulic pumps, and motors.

Typical on-site service areas include hydraulic or lube oil systems at power generation facilities, factories, steel mills, mining operations, launch vehicle ground support equipment, food processing plants, or even entertainment parks. If a complete cleaning, passivation and test are not what you’re looking for, NTS can polish existing lube oil or hydraulic fluids in tanks, accumulators, drums or complete systems to remove abrasive particulates and extend the service life of not only the fluid media but of the equipment in which it is used.

NTS Is a Valued Partner to the Aerospace Industry

Our Los Angeles location specializes in a wide range of precision hydraulic cleaning services. Anything that can’t be performed on site, we can quickly turn around in our sophisticated Class-10,000 and Class-100 cleanrooms.

Hydraulic cleaning is only one of the many services we offer our aerospace industry clients. We can provide pickle and passivation, deoxidation, cryogenic testing, leak detection and more. For more than 50 years, NTS has been a valued partner to aerospace component manufacturers and other professionals. We can coordinate services across multiple locations and expedite both new product development and maintenance of your existing systems.

Our service is turnkey, usually at most only requiring site access. NTS thoroughly understands job site cooperation and we work hand-in-hand with your engineers and other trades that may be working on the same project. By letting NTS manage the cleaning and testing for you, you receive a certified clean, functionally tested system without having to manage yet another project. To request a quote for aerospace hydraulic cleaning or to learn more about any of our testing and engineering services, contact an NTS lab near you today.

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