The Most Advanced Hypersonic Testing in America

NTS is helping to protect the nation’s future by offering advanced testing services for the next generation of national defense systems. From aerodynamic heating to rigorous vibration testing, NTS provides you with a one-stop shop for simulating hypersonic flight.


Hypersonic weapons present unique testing challenges that few organizations have the expertise or ingenuity to meet. NTS is at the forefront of hypersonic testing, developing complex testing protocols that accurately simulate the extreme stresses placed on weaponry at the upper limits of achievable speed. Key services include:
  • Material coupon testing and full scale testing
  • Thermal exposure testing up to 4,000°F
  • High mass flow of hot air testing
  • Temperature measurement to 2,800°F
  • Variable air pressure environments ranging
    from vacuum to elevated pressure
nozzle system
emi/emc testing

28 Lab in North America

With 28 labs in North America, NTS conducts the world’s most complex testing at a facility near you. Trusted by the  U.S. government, NASA, and top defense contractors, NTS provides advanced testing services to keep the world safe. 

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