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Trust is Everything: Consumer Product Testing

One glitch. A rare accident. It only takes one negative experience with your product to erode the trust of your end users. Needless to say, verifying optimal safety, robustness and reliability is unquestionably one of the most important processes in which you’ll ever invest. NTS has become a leader in consumer products testing by staffing the most qualified engineers, maintaining an accessible network of best-in-class facilities and investing in highly advanced test equipment. No matter the industry or type of product, no one works harder to earn your trust by thoroughly and meticulously testing to every last requirement.

Smarter Product Safety Testing

Partner with NTS to roll out the safest, highest quality products. Whether testing for domestic requirements, helping you clear regulatory hurdles for global markets or providing industry- and market-specific product safety testing, our comprehensive approach saves you time and unnecessary expense. To learn more about our capabilities for this vital stage of the quality assurance process, visit our product safety page now. 

Ensuring Maximum Protection: Sports Equipment Testing

NTS is here to make sure your sports equipment performs up to the toughest tests and the most intense challenges. With advanced sports testing equipment in the hands of our engineers, and a state-of-the-art laboratory dedicated to testing safety equipment for athletes and recreation enthusiasts, NTS is your go-to partner for total confidence, from product design to release. The NTS Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) is approved for NOCSAE testing. We also offer testing to ASTM, DOT and other specifications. To learn more about our extensive sports equipment testing capabilities, visit our sports equipment testing page.

NTS International Approvals: Your Fast-Track to Global Markets

Securing product approval for global markets  requires an understanding of each country’s regulatory scheme and related requirements. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate these complexities, because NTS will. We know the requirements for country-specific product labels and user manuals, representation, shipment inspections and approval processes. We have the experience to handle these details and more, including finding requirement overlap between countries to gain economies of scale. Let us help you get your product to the right markets on time to maximize your revenue and market share growth.

Proving Your Product’s Mettle: Materials Testing

Is your product tough enough to withstand anything and everything a consumer than throw at it? NTS will find out, by conducting crucial corrosion and stress resistance tests — important selling points for consumer goods. We can also identify potential problems early, so your team to make the changes needed to achieve compliance and release a sound product without delays. Learn more about NTS materials testing.

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