Dedicated Inspection Services, From Design to Rollout

NTS provides excellent end-to-end product lifecycle support for manufacturers in numerous industries. Not only do we back you with the design of superior products that are rigorously tested and properly certified, we can manage your supply chain to ensure that it’s just as effective, efficient and reliable as your products.

Product and Process Auditing for Ultimate Quality Control

These services work together to enhance overall quality control. Product audits identify and document nonconforming products; looking for patterns that will drive the development of countermeasures to prevent the issue from recurring. Process audits examine the construction of a product or component and document noncompliance issues, such as safety violations and incorrect machinery settings.

Source Inspection for Total Confidence

Source inspections are vital to the aerospace and aviation industries, as they identify nonconforming products and minimize risk at all stages of the supply chain. NTS is a full-service source inspection company that provides conformity inspections, FAI (first article inspections), test witnessing and a range of other services. We help OEMs and their supplier partners run leaner operations that are less prone to variance and better positioned to meet the challenges of future growth.

Valuable Insights for Supplier Improvement   

NTS works directly with your partners to identify potential concerns and craft improvement strategies based on proven lean management/Six Sigma principles. Our approach is customized to the needs of each supplier, and it focuses on delivering value through improved quality management. With an emphasis on trust and communication, suppliers are encouraged to refine their internal systems to meet your requirements.

Quality Inspection

Quality inspection services include:

  • Pre-product inspections to identify issues with raw materials, machinery and internal processes that can lead to nonconforming products
  • During-production inspections (DURPO) that allow you to estimate the quality of the finished product and, if necessary, take corrective action early in the production cycle
  • First article inspections (FAI) that measure a finished product’s conformance to the initial drawings
  • Container loading inspections that look at how a product is shipped and identify potential issues with its packaging or storage

Additional Value Added Services

Other quality inspection services we offer include:

  • PPAP
  • Counterfeit parts

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