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NTS NEBS Certified LogoNEBS (Network Equipment Building Systems) is the generic requirement for the spatial environmental, EMI/EMC, and product safety of telecom equipment being deployed in the Central Office locations of the Public Switch Telephone Network. NEBS testing requirements are mandated by the network carriers providing confidence that equipment has a high degree of reliability and will work under extreme environments while maintaining service for their customers.

NEBS Testing Services Provided by NTS

NTS provides complete NEBS testing to meet the needs of our clients. With a network of Verizon certified labs, NTS provides extensive engineering services and program management to help clients understand and comply with these stringent NEBS standards reducing non-compliance during product development and minimizing delays in time to market deployment.

Specific NEBS-related services we offer our clients include:

  • Industry and regulatory accreditation: When you partner with NTS for any NEBS compliance issues, you benefit from our years of telecom experience and strong industry connections. We are able to provide accreditation to NEBS standards as well as overlapping requirements for GR, ETSI, VZ-TPR and AT&T purchasing requirements. Let us develop a comprehensive certification plan customized to your needs.
  • International certifications: To provide EMI and EMC testing to NEBS and international standards, our Verizon ITL and TCWP testing labs feature 3-meter, 5-meter and 10-meter semi-anechoic chambers, as well as a number of immunity ground planes. With these advanced testing capabilities, we can help you meet the certification challenges required to move into lucrative international markets.
  • Environmental and dynamics testing: NTS is equipped to provide the full complement of environmental and dynamics tests required for NEBs certification. HALT/HASS chambers, shakers and custom testing devices allow us to simulate any condition, including extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations and more.
  • Project management: One of the key advantages of trusting NTS with your NEBS compliance needs is our commitment to turnkey project management solutions. We can coordinate complex testing programs across multiple labs, optimizing your cycle times and streamlining the certification process.

To learn more about how NTS can help you meet NEBS standards, contact one of our Verizon ITL-certified locations today.

The NTS Network

Manufacturers benefit when testing with NTS and participating in the NTS NEBS quality program. With the suite of international regulatory accreditations, testing at NTS will not only support your NEBS objectives but also support your international regulatory objectives in a cost effective and time efficient manner. Participation in the NTS NEBS quality program supports ongoing product compliance throughout the entire product life cycle. By maintaining compliance through the life of the product, manufacturers maintain the integrity of their equipment and can prevent expensive recalls.

The NTS NEBS mark is recognized throughout the telecom industry as a quality standard that ensures product reliability. When displayed the mark assures potential buyers that the equipment has met the NEBS requirements and was tested by a quality organization.

For more information on how to get your product testing, contact us today.

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