Internet of Things

Internet of Things/IoT Testing

The internet is expanding at an exponential rate. As smart technologies are being added to everything from crockpots to washing machines, the Internet of Things (also known as IoT or the Internet of Everything [IoE] or the Internet of Anything [IoA]) is coming – and your IoT products are going to need testing. New technologies bring new challenges. It’s great that your new crockpot has wireless communications to link with your home wireless router, but how good is the connection? Does the ceramic pot or metal case or heating elements impact performance while it’s on? If your crockpot in the kitchen can’t communicate effectively with your wireless router in the TV room, what’s the point of having a smart device?

As a manufacturer, you’ll need to know how well your product functions and potential pitfalls before you bring it to market. Your customers don’t want to have to fiddle around with settings on their crockpot – they just want to make beef stew and know they’re not overcooking it. So how do you make sure everything just works for your customer? Have you tested interoperability with other products? Can your crockpot talk to various other wireless routers, for example? How about performance and range of your product? If my crockpot is too far away from my wireless router, what happens?

NTS is uniquely situated to help manufacturers in the testing of Internet of Things/IoT products. We can test with a wide variety of other smart technology products, using protocols such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Thread, and Bluetooth to see how your product functions. We can perform RF performance and coexistence testing to help you evaluate issues that your customers may see in their own homes, and how you can address them.

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