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Wi-Fi Testing

NTS has been testing wireless home networking devices (typically referenced as “Wi-Fi” devices) almost since their introduction. Since 1999, NTS has been perform testing of wireless LAN products based on the IEEE-802.11 standard (e.g., 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, and even the latest drafts of 802.11ac and 802.11ad). Wi-Fi products are typically designed to allow you to connect your personal computer to a wireless network typically connected to the Internet. Wi-Fi “hot-spots” are available in locations across the country (e.g., coffee shops, hotels, etc.), and have become common-place. However, Wi-Fi is expanding into other areas, including healthcare and smart energy (e.g., connecting your smart device to the internet to track energy usage, etc.).

If you’re looking to get your Wi-Fi product tested, contact NTS. NTS can perform detailed compatibility and functionality testing of your product with various hardware (e.g., platforms, adapters, other peripherals, etc.) and software (e.g., operating systems and other applications such as web browsers). NTS has also developed a wireless performance test which you can use to evaluate your product in typical indoor and outdoor environments. We can also perform testing to evaluate how resistant your product is to common interference in the same bandwidth, such as microwaves, Bluetooth, cordless phones, and other Wi-Fi devices.

Validation Testing

Validating a Wi-Fi device requires extensive testing of a number of factors, including RF testing, flat channel testing, multipath testing and more. NTS offers a complete suite of interoperability tests for new Wi-Fi devices. We can also customize a testing protocol to help you meet specific regulatory requirements or fine-tune your product.

Ultimately, the goal of Wi-Fi testing extends beyond mere certification — the market for wireless devices is growing but competitive, and anything you can do to release a better product is a key advantage. With more than 50 years of experience providing testing services for a variety of industries, we know what it takes to succeed.

WaveDFS Testing for Wi-Fi

To support the growing variety of applications for Wi-Fi technology, NTS has invested in the people, processes and equipment necessary to provide quality assurance, compatibility and certification testing to the highest possible standards. Working closely with VeriWave, we were instrumental in developing the WaveDFS protocol for testing Wi-Fi devices that share the spectrum with radar. FCC regulations mandate that any 802.11n access point must automatically move to a different radio frequency when higher-priority traffic — such as a radar signal — is detected on the same channel.

With WaveDFS, manufacturers have a fast and economical Wi-Fi testing solution that:

  • Requires no additional software or time-intensive programming.
  • Automatically generates all pulse types required to comply with FCC, ETSI and Japanese standards.
  • Can source and synch traffic without the use of an external player or other device.
  • Automates the bandwidth detection and probability detection processes.
  • Detects and records when access points send a channel change announcement.

Certification Simplified

WaveDFS is just one of the many ways NTS makes it easier for device manufacturers to get new products to market without compromising quality or risking non-compliance. Let us help you reduce development costs, streamline workflows and eliminate the need for last-minute delays that eat into your profits. We provide complete turnkey testing solutions,and when you are ready for certification, we can put you together with one of our partner labs to get your product certified. NTS’ partner is a Wi-Fi Authorized Certification Laboratory as designated by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Contact NTS today to get your Wi-Fi product tested!

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