Bluetooth Testing

Besides computers (keyboards/mouse, etc.), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is designed for low-power, low-latency devices such as home automation, healthcare and security devices. NTS has all the tools needed to make sure your product is ready for market, whatever form your Bluetooth device takes.

NTS can perform detailed compatibility and functionality testing of your product with various hardware (e.g., platforms, adapters, other Bluetooth peripherals, etc.) and software (e.g., operating systems and other applications). We can also perform interference testing to see how other technologies (e.g., ZigBee, microwaves, cordless phones, etc.) may interfere with your product. We can also perform range testing in our facility to evaluate how well it performs in the real-world.

Thorough Testing Is an Investment in Your Product

There are two main reasons for performing Bluetooth testing for a new product: compliance and quality assurance. The importance of meeting all regulatory requirements in your area is obvious. To assist with this, NTS can provide both certification to national and industry-specific standards, as well as international pre-compliance services that position you to enter into emerging markets with ease.

Just as important as compliance is quality assurance. NTS offers testing protocols that strive to replicate the full range of conditions encountered during use. Too often, design factors added after testing impede performance and cause other issues that compromise an end user’s experience.

The wireless device market is more competitive than ever, with an increasing number of products and technologies vying for consumer attention. Bluetooth remains the industry standard for a number of applications, but it isn’t necessarily known for its user friendliness. When businesses invest appropriate time and money in testing, wireless technology and smart devices get easier to use, which leads to increased customer loyalty and positive g’’’0’rowth in our industry. The real-world implications of quality assurance should never be an afterthought — let NTS help you make better, smarter devices that meet the demands of today’s consumers.

Bluetooth Testing at NTS

And when you are ready for certification, NTS can put you together with one of our partner labs to get your product certified. NTS has partner labs that are Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities (BQTFs) and Bluetooth Qualification Experts (BQEs) as authorized by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Meeting these strict requirements means we have invested in processes and equipment that provide accurate RF conformance, protocol and profile conformance, and profile interoperability testing.

We use a scalable, documented quality assurance process to ensure testing is performed accurately and with respect for our clients’ budgets and timelines.

If your device requires additional testing of any other stress factor, we can develop and implement a customized program that streamlines your path to the market. With a network of labs across the country and more than 50 years of experience, we are unique in our capacity to deliver value for our clients.

NTS has the expertise to assist you in all of your Bluetooth testing requirements. Let NTS help you get your Bluetooth product tested – contact us today!

Updated June 15, 2015

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