Aerodynamic Heating for Simulated Hypersonic Flight

March 12, 2020

The development of a hypersonic defense weapon system is critical to national security—and you’re at the forefront of this effort. But how do you ensure hypersonic projectiles perform as intended in extreme environments? The answer is found in complex testing.

In an NTS laboratory, aerospace engineers are simulating hypersonic flight with aerodynamic heating. Consider the following:

  • Material coupon testing and full scale testing
  • Burner temperatures up to 4,000 °F using propane
  • Temperature measurement to 2,800 °F with type R thermocouples
  • Instrumentation including strain gauges, pressure, temperature, etc.
  • Internal volume of test unit can be at vacuum or elevated pressure
  • High mass flow of hot air testing
  • Control heating rate by controlling burner chemistry and translating test unit in/out of burner chamber

Regardless of the environment you want to simulate, NTS can help you. To learn more about the full scope of hypersonic testing options available to you, please speak with an engineer today.

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