TESTalk: Product Certification for Brazil

May 21, 2021

As the most populous country in South America, Brazil is a key destination for a variety of products from the United States. Since requirements for international approvals change all the time, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest developments. In Brazil, changes are coming quickly—one of which occurred in January 2021—and more to come in June and July. And when you get the inside track on the new changes, you can avoid delays and save money.

When you plan on selling your product in Brazil, you might need different certifications depending on the product type. If you’re selling a wireless product, for example, you need to meet the requirements of Brazil’s Agencia Nacional de Telcomunicacoes (ANATEL). Certification is mandatory for all wireless products—and in-country testing along with local representation are required. When it comes to safety certification, you need an INMETRO mark. This type of can be done at a lab outside of Brazil as long as it meets specific requirements; but local representation is still required.

Once you decide you want to enter the Brazilian market, you need to develop a compliance strategy. This will help you mitigate against any pitfalls—and NTS can develop it on your behalf. In fact, NTS can help you get into more than 180 countries with ease. If you’re looking to fast track your entry into an international market, please message to one of our experts today.

In the meantime, take a moment to watch the TESTalk below—and get the latest details regarding product certification requirements for Brazil.

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