FAA Fire Testing at NTS

November 30, 2017

Fire and flammability testing is required for products used in a wide range of industries, NTS fire and flammability testing services typically fall into two categories: 1) ignition and flame spread, and 2) fire resistance. The Federal Aviation Administration calls out a number of standards NTS conducts testing to for our aviation customers.

FAA Fire Testing Specifications

  • RTCA DO-160 Section 26
  • ISO 2685
  • FAA AC20-135
  • FAA Powerplant Engineering Report No. 3A
  • FAR Part 25

Meeting these test specifications requires specialized burner equipment as well as customized fire rooms for the safety of the technicians, engineers and customers witnessing their test. The specifications call out various burn lengths, the distance from the original edge to the farthest evidence of damage to the test specimen due to flame impingement, and burn time to failure of components depending upon the component being tested, for example 60 seconds is the specification for interior compartments housing crew or passengers.

NTS utilizes liquid fuel burners, both vertical Bunsen type and horizontal (pictured above). The flame temperature for the burners reaches the required 150°F ± 2000°F (1100°C ± 80°C). The heat flux of these burners are at least 4500 Btu per hour (116 ± 10kW/m²).

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