Hail Impact Testing

April 9, 2013

2 inch hail impactNTS specializes in testing the effects of hail impact for extreme weather applications. Hail is an extremely destructive force of nature, especially for aircraft, where impacts can occur at more than 600 mph.

The custom-designed hail cannon at NTS Tinton Falls is capable of precisely delivering hailstones ranging in size from 10mm up to 50mm at speeds over 1000 ft/sec.  Typical test programs include aircraft windshields, antennas, radomes, and wheel/brake assemblies. Using a laser equipped system with a high degree of accuracy, repeatable impacts can be performed to within a quarter inch of the desired target. This accuracy allows NTS to test even the smallest of samples and limit the potential damage to other areas of the unit under test.

We serve the aviation, defense, solar energy, automotive and building industries and test to standards such as: ASTM E822, ASTM F-320, ASTM E1038 and FM 4473.  Alternative projectile materials are available for testing purposes; such as steel, aluminum and ceramic, from .15 caliber up to 2 inches.  Testing can also be performed at various temperatures as well. Failure and fracture analysis, supported by high speed video recording, allows you to fully evaluate the performance of your product under the conditions of your choice.

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