IAASS-SSI-1700 Commercial Human-Rated System Standard Published

September 5, 2018

Recently SAE International and IAASS (International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety) co-published IAASS-SSI-1700 Commercial Human-Rated System standard as a first step towards the establishment of a complete set of safety, technical, and management standards to be used by industry for the design and development of commercial space systems, and by an independent third-party, the Space Safety Institute, for their certification.

NTS has been asked to participate in the Stakeholders Workshop for these committees, which is sponsored by SAE International and ISSF (International Space Safety Foundation). The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the formation of the Space Safety Institute and the establishment of several standards committees. The Workshop will bring together industry leaders, government, civil and military regulators, space safety certification professionals, and subject matter experts from across the industry. This workshop is invitation only, and will serve to kick start the development of safety and testing standards related to the space environment. NTS’ Justin McKennon, chair of the Commercial Space Committee for the SAE, and Greg Wilson, NTS’ Subject Matter Expert for spacecraft charging and materials characterization have been invited to attend. This meeting provides NTS with key insight into the rapidly expanding commercial space industry, and will allow for NTS to remain in the forefront of this exciting new aspect of testing and safety.

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