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May 21, 2014

By Caio Collet-Silva, International Approvals Manager, NTS Silicon Valley

Delays for Brazil ANATEL and INMETRO Approvals

Due to Brazil hosting the FIFA World Cup 2014, the standard projected completion time for current Brazil ANATEL and INMETRO approval projects will inevitably be pushed back. It is expected that Brazilians will take time off from work to participate in the World Cup events; whether it be attending games or protesting the event due to the amount of funds Brazil has spent on preparation for the World Cup. The FIFA World Cup 2014 will be taking place June 12th-July 13th, so the standard project lead-time should return to normal in mid-July.

Discrepancies with EAC Customs Union Certification Bodies

Currently, NTS offers the services of EAC Customs Union approvals; a certification accepted in the countries of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. However, the understanding of the technical regulations and documents required for the certification are not harmonized between the Certification Bodies. Depending on the Certification Body, a local representative may be required, EMC reports may need special evaluations or conversions, Safety reports may need to be under CB Scheme, and the factory inspector may need special qualifications. NTS has evaluated the technical requirements and we have found the most time-cost efficient certification path for our customers.

If you would like a solution to obtain international approvals, please contact NTS via email or call at 510-578-3500.

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