NTS Presenting at EPTECH – Canada’s National Electronics Shows

March 9, 2018

Sponsored by Electronics Products & Technology (EP&T), the EPTECH electronics trade shows are held in multiple locations across Canada. This year, NTS will be presenting two seminars at the Montreal event on April 24, 2018. Our seminar on HALT testing will be given at the Ottawa event on April 26, 2018 and the Mississauga event on October 2, 2018 .

Xavier Couste, EMC Lab Manager at NTS Boucheville, QC location will be discussing the CE Mark process. Exporting electronic products to Europe can be a long and complex process. What is the path to follow in order to affix the famous CE marking? This presentation aims to guide you through six main steps. A methodical approach is proposed to increase your chances of success and thus, save time and money. The following steps will be discussed:

  • Identification of applicable directives
  • Definition of essential requirements
  • Conformity assessment
  • Preparation of technical documentation
  • Drafting the Declaration of Conformity
  • Affixing CE marking

Clayton Forbes, General Manager at NTS’ Boxborough, Massachusetts laboratory, will be discussing Accelerated Test Methods. When time runs thin toward the end of a product development program, testing engineers know that they have our work cut out for them. In the process of product development, testing is usually the last thing to be done before product launch. When processes are delayed or problems occur (which they often do) testing suffers because the time allotted for testing has been eaten up fixing some other problem. This is when Highly Accelerated Life Testing and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening, HALT and HASS respectively, are used. We will discuss:

  • What is HALT/HASS testing?
  • What are the benefits to using the test methodology?
  • How and when do you apply it?
  • Example test runs of a HALT test program

Registration to attend the EPTECH event is open now on the EP&T website. To hold your spot in the HALT seminar at the Mississauga event, please email Magali Picotte at or fill in the form below.

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