NTS Creates Comprehensive Smart Suite Certification Testing for Smart Energy Devices

June 29, 2012

Covers new areas required by utilities but outside normal certification requirement

NTS is now offering a comprehensive certification program for Smart Energy devices that includes new areas identified by major utility companies as vital for new products in Smart Grid networks that are not covered by existing certification testing.

The new Smart Suite Certification Program, which extends NTS’ leadership in the growing Smart Energy certification testing market, is divided into three parts, each focusing on key components that are highly important in the selection of Smart Energy devices for utilities:

  • iSmart – The NTS iSmart Certification focuses on interoperability testing to verify that these devices will function correctly with other devices. Testing covers negative, corner, functional, and other test cases not covered by standard certification testing.
  • rSmart – The NTS rSmart Certification focuses on the RF (radiofrequency) performance of Smart Energy devices. Testing covers transmission and receiving power, robustness to interference, and the impact of building materials on the performance of these devices.
  • sSmart – The NTS sSmart Certification focuses on the security of these devices. Testing covers validation of trust center and security keys to make sure that communications via the protocol are secure.

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