NTS Huntsville: Recent Accreditations and On-Site Calibration

May 14, 2015

NTS Huntsville, AL was officially accredited as an USCG accepted independent laboratory for testing of materials and equipment. We can now assist manufacturers of commercial and recreational safety equipment and material with USCG Type Approval for the following fourteen series of tests:

159.015 Sewage pollution prevention equipment
160.021 Hand red flare distress signal
160.022 Floating orange smoke signal
160.024 Pistol-projected parachute red flare
160.028 Signal pistol for red flare distress
160.031 Shoulder gun type line throwing appliance
160.036 Hand-held rocket-propelled parachute red flare
160.037 Hand orange smoke distress signal
160.039 Line-Throwing Appliance, Impulse-Projected Rocket Type
(and Equipment)
160.040 Line throwing appliance
160.057 Floating orange smoke distress signal
160.065 Protective cover for life boats
160.066 Red aerial pyrotechnic flare distress signal
162.050 Oil pollution prevention equipment

Calibration Services Always Ensuring Test Accuracy

Would you trust a scale to measure your weight if never maintained? If you don’t wind your watch, will it still be useful?

Over time, instrument measurement drifts, so calibration is critical to ensuring test results which will meet or exceed a standards criteria. The technicians at NTS Huntsville operate an on-site department dedicated to providing regularly recalibrated instruments for accurate measurement.

Once a unit arrives at the laboratory, we begin measurement with traceability. In some cases, calibration includes the repair of the device. We provide a report of services which includes an expiration date. This ensures the unit may be re-calibrated in a timely manner.

NTS Huntsville is accredited by American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA); standard ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 for the following calibrations: chemical, dimensional, electrical, mechanical and thermodynamic as well as time and frequency. We service industries such as aerospace, defense and commercial. In addition, we are compliant with NRC standards 10CFR50 appendix B for nuclear.

Click here for more detailed accreditation information outlining specific equipment and range.

For questions about the services outlined above please contact the laboratory directly at 256.837.4411 to speak with our Subject Matter Experts.

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