NTS Begins Providing Wireless and Product Safety Test Services at Plano, TX Facility

January 30, 2014

In response to a recent geographic vacuum of wireless and product safety testing, NTS Plano is now proudly offering these services to customers in the central US. “Our goal is to continue to be the leading testing laboratory in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.” said John Ngo, General Manager of NTS Plano. “We want to serve all our customers’ needs in terms of comprehensive testing and engineering services throughout the region”.

The lab now specializes in testing low-powered RF devices, both licensed and unlicensed. We can provide local manufacturers who produce devices ranging from low frequency field effect sensors to extremely high frequency point to point and point to multi-point communications radios a place to have their testing performed.

CE marketing
Your product must be tested to meet EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements for the CE mark.

Additionally, NTS Plano will provide CE Mark services for Product Safety for ITE and Laboratory, Measurement and Control devices. These two categories encompass most industrial and consumer electronics, as well as telecommunication and data processing devices.

In the next several months, the lab will also add the ability to test medical devices for CE Mark product safety requirements. Utilizing partnerships with major Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories, or NRTL’s, NTS Plano will also be able to offer US and Canada Safety marks for our customers. Our engineers will participate in NTS’s Telecommunications Certification Body (for the US), Certification Body (for Canada) and Notified Body (for the EU) programs.

All of these services, in addition to the current commercial and consumer product EMC testing capabilities of the lab, will allow NTS Plano to funnel test results into NTS’s International Approvals group, who facilitate the acceptability of products into over 100 countries.

This combination of testing, certification, and approvals processing allows a faster and clearer path to market, regardless of device or economic geography. If you have a product in need of one or all of these services we can help! Call NTS Plano directly at 972-509-2566 or visit our location page for more information.

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