Silicon Valley Lab Invests in New EMI/EMC and Environmental Equipment to Ramp Up Capacity

October 8, 2020

To keep up with demand—and to provide best-in-class services—NTS invested $700,000 into the Silicon Valley lab. The investment was used to secure multiple combination temperature and vibration testing chambers, expand automotive EMI/EMC testing capability, add a new electro-dynamic shaker, and procure new equipment for testing ingress protection.

With the new equipment, the Silicon Valley lab increased its capacity in key areas, making it easier to accommodate customer scheduling requirements. The custom designed, temp-over-vibe chambers are height adjustable for vibration testing in the X, Y, and Z axis. The new chambers feature a window that allows visual access during testing. The custom designed and fabricated temperature isolation plates provide separation between the Equipment Under Test and the shaker table mass.

With load capacities of 1,500 pounds, temperature ramp rates of 5+ °C per minute, and vibration test frequencies from 5-2000 Hz, a new 20,000 pound shaker/temperature chamber system further expands the labs capacity.

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