Structural Load Investment in Huntsville Lab Helps Aerospace Customers

October 7, 2020

The NTS laboratory in Huntsville, AL, invested in new actuators, load cells, controllers, and tooling to enhance its structural load testing capability. The investment complements the lab’s large test pit, cruciform mounting base, hydraulic system, multi-axis load control systems, and high-count data acquisition systems.

With the expanded capability, experienced design and configuration engineers and technicians are able to offer more turnkey solutions to commercial aerospace customers. Using the new equipment, for example, engineers at the lab recently conducted impressive structural load tests, applying multiple simultaneous loads in excess of 1.5 million pounds on a rocket body section.

As the 2019 NASA award winner—and a participant of every major space program since the inception of manned exploration—NTS continues to be the go-to test partner for space and aerospace customers. Contact us today—and lean how we can accommodate your structural load testing needs.

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