Vibration Testing Seminar at NTS Chicago

June 11, 2015

Join the team at NTS Chicago to learn about Vibration Testing on June 26, 2015.

This seminar will present the basics of mechanical vibration and shock, discuss the different types such as random vs. sinusoidal vibration as well as the advantages of various industry standards.

What is the application environment your product is intended to experience? How critical is fixture design? Receive guidance on proper fixturing and mounting to achieve the best possible results for your products and decisions.

This course is designed primarily for the Product Design or Product Testing Engineer, but could be useful to anyone that wants to expand knowledge about the types of mechanical vibration and shock testing available, current industry standards in mechanical vibration and shock and the considerations for proper fixturing and monitoring during testing for their product’s durability and longevity during its life.

This seminar will feature interactive presentations and live demonstrations. You will have the opportunity to tour the laboratory and have your questions answered by our test engineers. Lunch and refreshments will be provided for all attendees.

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