Gravelometer Testing

Gravelometer testing is designed to evaluate the resistance of vehicle surface coatings (paint, clear coats, metallic plating, etc.) to chipping caused by the impacts of gravel and other flying objects in accordance with SAE and ASTM standards. The primary usage of this test is to simulate the effects of the impact of gravel or other debris on automotive parts.  Test samples are typically mounted in the back of the Gravelometer, and air pressure is used to project 1 pint (approximately 300 pieces) of gravel at the sample. The test sample is then removed and gently wiped off with a clean cloth. Tape is then applied to the entire tested surface. Removal of the tape then pulls off any loose fragments of the coating. The appearance of the tested sample is then compared to standard transparencies supplied by SAE to determine the chipping ratings. Visual examination can also be used to describe where in the coating/substrate system that the failure has been induced.

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