Automotive EMI/EMC Testing in the Bay Area Shifts into High Gear

August 24, 2020

Today’s vehicles are more reliant on electronic components and assemblies than ever before. That’s why vehicle manufacturers, OEM part makers, and related businesses are in greater need of automotive electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing services. With a greater emphasis on electrification, many international markets are requiring specific standards (think eMark, etc.) to gain entry.

From testing an electric motor in the latest electrical vehicle (EV) to testing an onboard computer on an SUV’s infotainment assembly, you need access to the most robust and up-to-date testing options. With 28 labs in North America, NTS has the largest footprint of advanced EMI/EMC chambers on the continent. At the NTS test facility in the Bay Area, a team of world-class experts are putting automotive testing into high gear—providing the latest tests to ensure every vehicle (or vehicle part) that enters the lab operates free of electromagnetic problems once on the market.

There’s even better news. Due to our extensive experience with military and aerospace testing, our automotive EMI/EMC testing services in the Silicon Valley lab are ready to meet the most stringent requirements of commercial and civilian capacity—and even to the standards related to military and industrial vehicles. Whether you need whole vehicle EMI/EMC testing for the latest hybrid four-door family car or you’re looking to test ABS brake assemblies intended for the newest military personnel carriers, you can trust the world’s top experts at NTS to supply you with the qualified test results you need in the most timely and professional manner possible.

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