Lab Spotlight: NTS Detroit

September 3, 2013

headlamp in the fog

NTS Detroit is an independent product testing and validation laboratory. We offer a wide range of test and analysis services in our 65,000 sq-ft facility and at customer sites. We serve the Defense, Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Communications, Electronics, Energy and Agriculture industries. We are a ISO 17025 compliant organization.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems
NTS Detroit has high speed dynamometers, regenerative power supplies, Š fluid conditioning systems, control systems and experienced engineers for performance, durability and environmental testing of e-motors, power electronics, cables, and charging systems for EV/HEV applications.


Mechanical and Fluid Dynamics
We offer linear and rotary servo-hydraulic actuators for fatigue and structural analysis, with precision measurement of Š flow, pressure, force, torque and strain. We design and fabricate test “fixtures and build custom test equipment.

radiator in the fog

Electrical and Electronics
NTS Detroit has power supplies, load banks and instrumentation for precision measurement of voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and dielectric strength. We can design and build automated systems for operation and measurement of complex systems or large arrays of samples that are being subjected to environmental and dynamic testing.

NTS Detroit has more than 20 large dynos from 50HP to 600HP. We specialize in design and construction of test fixtures, headsets and drivelines integrated with instrumentation and control equipment tailored to specific customer requirements.

Vibration and Sound
NTS Detroit has many large electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic vibration systems, most equipped with environmental chambers. We also offer customer site instrumentation and data acquisition. Recently upgraded one system to 15,000 force pound capability.

drive in with excursion

Environmental Simulation
NTS Detroit has more than 30 environmental chambers for temperatures from -100°C to 1,000°C, including a drive in chamber. We can simulate virtually any condition that your product may be exposed to.

For even more information on our Detroit Lab click HERE!

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