We’re Open: Keeping You on Schedule in a Pandemic

March 24, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything you’ve faced before. It’s changing lives and disrupting businesses across the globe. But we can still help you stay on schedule. As the worldwide leader in testing, NTS is an “essential business” that’s considered part of the nation’s “critical infrastructure.” As a result, all NTS laboratories remain open—and are in compliance with all local COVID-19 mandates.

Keeping You Safe while Keeping You on Schedule
As we continue to operate, we need to keep you safe. As a result, we’re adopting CDC and government guidelines to ensure we create a clean working environment. In fact, we’re doing the following for you:

  • Remote Test Witnessing: View your test from your home on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone.
  • Social Distancing: Ensure safe distances during lab visits and running split shifts to minimize the number of people in a lab.
  • Extra Hygiene: Ensure hand sanitizers and cleaning products are readily available
  • Facility Cleaning: Perform rigorous cleaning in each facility on a daily basis.

To learn more about NTS’s COVID-19 response, please click here.

Next Steps for You

If you’re looking to keep your project on schedule, please connect with an expert today or call (800) 270-2516 right away. We’re waiting to assist you in any way possible.


Stay safe!

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