Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

As a manufacturer of computer hardware and/or software, its import to know how well you stack up to your competitors. That’s going to be the first question that your customer are going to want to know about your product – Is it easier to use? Is it faster? Is it better? Do you know? NTS can develop a detailed competitive analysis test plan to help you find out.

We can detail the test environment, competitors, test tools, etc. required to perform benchmark and performance testing. Let us help you design a benchmark or performance test to see how you stack up against your competitors. If needed, we can even develop the automated test scripts needed to perform benchmark testing. Popular comparative tools include SPECcpu2006, SPECviewperf, SPECapc, SPECgpc, SPECjEnterprise2010, BAPCo. SYSmark & MobileMark, Microsoft TSscaling, Microsoft Exchange Server Load Simulator (LoadSim), and SQL Database Hammer, among others. Competitive analysis can also cover areas such as usability/ease of use and product documentation. Let NTS assist you in evaluating how your product stacks up against the competition!

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