Peel Strength

Peel Strength Testing

Peel Strength Testing is generally used to measure the bond strength of a material, typically an adhesive.

Peel Strength Testing is the average load per unit width of bond line required to separate bonded materials where the angle of separation is 180⁰. Peel testing is one way to characterize adhesive bonds. It is used extensively to evaluate the bonding strength of tape, adhesives and flexible substrates, including rubber, films, biomaterials, dental materials, medical packaging and consumables. Typical tests involve peeling two bonded flexible adhered from each other, or peeling a flexible bonded adhered from a rigid substrate. Peel tests are usually conducted at a constant rate at various angles, with 90° and 180° being the most common. Parameters such as peak peel load, average peel strength and statistical measures of peel strength variability are typically used to characterize behavior under peel loading.

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