Trigger Safety

Firearms Testing / Safety Device Certification

Firearms require extensive testing before they are suitable for either the consumer market or for use in combat situations. At National Technical Systems (NTS), our facilities have been specially designed to meet these testing requirements. Our test ranges are equipped with industry-leading monitoring and data acquisition equipment that make both regulatory compliance and general QA simple.

Our team of on-site engineers has an extensive background in firearms safety testing. We can assess your requirements to determine the appropriate sequence of checks and tests that will help you deliver a superior, safer product to the market.

Firearm Function and Reliability

NTS performs firearm function and reliability testing to the following standards:

  • NIJ Autoloading Pistols for Police Officers NIJ STD 0112.03
  • State of California, Department of Justice, Handgun Testing Program SB15
  • State of Massachusetts, Handgun Testing Program
  • SAAMI Firearms Testing

We also perform comprehensive firearm analysis to include:

  • Trigger Job in Progress
  • Cylinder Transport Variation
  • Trigger Energy Distribution
  • Altered Hammer Spring
  • Coil Spring Comparison
  • Forward and Reverse Test
  • Safety Device Testing

NTS performs extensive firearm safety device testing to the following standards:

  • State of California, Department of Justice, Regulations for Firearms Safety Device Standards and Testing and Standards for Gun Safes, AB106
  • ASTM (F2369-04) Standard Safety Specification for Non-Integral Firearm Locking Devices
  • ASTM (F883-97) Standard Performance Specification for Padlocks

Comprehensive lock testing performed includes:

  • Tensile test
  • Plug pulling test
  • Shackle and cable cutting test
  • Shock test
  • Impact test
  • Plug torque test

Our Facilities

To compliment the above capabilities, NTS has invested in the equipment necessary to make our Wichita location the most advanced firearm and trigger safety testing facility in the country. Some of the unique features found on the NTS Wichita campus include:

  • FARO software: NTS firearm test facilities use FARO Arm and Geomagic quantify software, a suite of laser scanning tools for ballistic tracking that can measure intervals as small as 0.0006”.
  • Doppler radar: We measure ballistic velocity using Doppler radar.
  • High-speed video: A pair of high-speed cameras capture data at rates of 250,000 (the Phantom 7.2) and 500,000 (Phantom V312) frames per second.

Tools such as these provide greater insights into firearm performance, which in turn makes it easier to manage safety risks. NTS also offers complete environmental simulation capabilities so that we can perform gun safety testing in a wide range of potential weather conditions.

Making Test Data Accessible

The faster you can get results, the quicker you can shepherd your product through the certification process and bring it to market. NTS’s firearm safety testing facilities are connected via LabInsight, a secure online server that allows you to access results, reports and other important information online. This helps you improve cycle times, streamline your workflow and reduce redundancies, all of which can save you money.

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