Forced Entry

Forced Entry Testing

Department of State Forced Entry Testing, ASTM

Forced entry testing is conducted on building envelope and system components such as doors, windows, wall panels and escape hatches as an attempt to penetrate or distort an edge in order to disengage a fitting or device from its mountings and allow access. The US Department of State has developed a standard that all building envelope and system components used in both domestic security and overseas facilities are required to achieve. NTS conducts all forced entry test in their DOS approved facility in accordance to the SD-STD-01.01 standard. All testing is witnessed by DOS personnel with NTS providing reports on all tests performed.

  • Testing in accordance with various test methods and standards including:
    • Department of State (DOS) SD-STD-01.01G (DOS-approved to perform this testing)
    • ASTM (F1233, F1915, F3038, etc.)
    • HPW-TP-0500.03
    • Customized testing plans available upon request
  • Large modular fixture can accommodate full-scale building envelope and structural products including:
    • Windows and window coverings
    • Doors (regular hinged and rolling doors)
    • Safe-rooms & protective enclosures
    • On-site machine shop for efficient design and fabrication to accommodate all product types
    • Ballistic and physical attack testing conducted in the same facility to enhance testing accuracy and realism

Federal Railroad Administration Testing

NTS performs US Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Testing for railway glass in accordance with Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 49 Chapter II, Part 223, Safety Glazing Standards – Locomotives, passenger Cars and Cabooses) dated 1 Oct 2011.

  • Required Testing for all locomotives, passenger cars, and cabooses operating in the United States
  • Type 1 & 2 Testing available
  • Mobile test fixture allows for optimal test-set up
  • Customized fixtures to accomodate unique product design
  • 3 samples for Ballistic Resistance Testing
  • .22 LR, 40-grain LRN projectiles with minimum velocity of 960-ft/s
  • Fast turn-around time and competitive pricing

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