Explosive Atmosphere

Explosive Atmosphere Testing

Will your product operate in a highly volatile environment without creating ignition and causing an explosion? Explosive atmosphere testing provides vital information about motors, lighting systems, bilge pumps, aircraft components, electronics, and other systems. Explosive atmosphere testing determines whether a product will be able to operate properly in a fuel contaminated, highly volatile environment without creating ignition and causing an explosion.  Causes of ignition vary from tiny electrical arcs in battery-operated equipment to hot spots on surfaces of sealed, encased units, to sparks from other mechanical sources.

NTS provides comprehensive explosive atmosphere testing for military, commercial aircraft, aerospace, automotive, and operating room equipment, to meet US and European safety standards.  As a full service explosive atmosphere test facility, NTS has the capabilities to provide fuel and vapor mixtures using either hydrocarbon n-hexane, propane, hydrogen gas and/or jet aircraft fuel. For aircraft and space applications, NTS chambers simulate altitudes to 100,000 ft (30,480m) and can provide temperatures up to +300°F (+150°C).

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