Humidity Testing

Whenever products and materials spend extended periods of time in a humid environment, various types of breakdowns can be expected. Coatings can fail. Electronic and optical equipment tends to degrade. Fuels break down. The list of associated failures is extensive. Among other objectives, NTS will test your product for humidity effects in the following categories:

  • Oxidation and/or galvanic corrosion of metals
  • Chemical or electrochemical breakdown of organic and inorganic surface coatings
  • Changes in friction coefficients, resulting in binding or sticking
  • Swelling of materials due to absorption effects
  • Degradation of electrical and thermal insulating characteristics
  • Delamination of composite materials
  • Change in elasticity or plasticity
  • Degradation of hygroscopic materials
  • Degradation of explosives and propellants by absorption
  • Degradation of optical element image transmission quality
  • Degradation of lubricants
  • Changes in thermal transfer characteristics
  • Mechanical problems (e.g. paper feed on copiers)

Frequently humidity testing is combined with temperature testing.

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